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  Department of Foreign languages and Literature

As an academic discipline, English major in the department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Shantou University provides students with the opportunity to study British and American literature, cultural issues, and the English language within a major of flexible course design, cultivating their reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and interpretative skills with professional guidance and assiduity.

English in this Department is no longer an attachment to any other disciplines such as economics, tourism, or foreign trade as it used to be, for attachment never gains recognition in history. In this department, English major receives the same curricular planning in its undergraduate program as those in first-class foreign universities, which emphasizes on both cultural awareness and professional knowledge.
Our teaching staff has been greatly expanded with the coming of 3 special professors from abroad since the educational reform in Shantou University in 2002. Currently there are now 5 professors, 5 associate professors; 5 doctors, 4 of whose doctoral degrees are awarded by foreign universities, and another 3 doctoral candidates. So far, we have 3 academic works published by foreign presses in literature, cultural studies, and linguistics since 2003.
Our diversified faculty spans a variety of interests and stands out in some research areas in China, such as Chinese American literature, cultural communication, English-to-Chinese language mode, and etc. We adopt a student-centred interactive teaching mode, where students are encouraged to participate in the creation of knowledge for their spontaneity and creativity are highly activated in this process. Knowledge, in our understanding, would not be itself without creativity but merely data and facts.
Our English undergraduate program has two orientations: applied linguistics and English language, literature, and Culture. It re-designs its undergraduate courses according to those in famous universities, both home and abroad, with an aim to cultivate out of its students a compound-talent of both practical ability of English interpretation, translation, cross-culture communication, and theoretical foundation in literature and translation studies. Therefore, our graduates boast a sound theoretical understanding in linguistics, translation studies, and literature, an independent spirit of critical thinking and originality, and practical capability.
Methods and abilities trainings are prioritized in our teaching. Explorations on students’ greatest potentialities in oral and written English capabilities and creativity are guaranteed through with a pedagogy featuring students’ dominance in study and modern information technology, and our domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in linguistics, translation studies, and English literature. Graduates are competent for the work of management, translation and interpretation, teaching and research in various fields such as governments, trans-nationals, banks, tourism, foreign trade, publishers, colleges, etc. Moreover, our new program design, which takes English an independent discipline in its own right, turns out to be a platform of postgraduate study for our graduates.
The department offers MA degree in English Language and Literature with a teaching and research team of 15 people, of which there are 5 professors, 5 associate professors and one international teacher with doctoral degree in English constantly. This team has 5 doctoral-degree holders and 3 doctoral candidates, which is the most decorated on undergraduate level in domestic universities.
With the support of the “Li Ka Shing Foundation” and the university, this department invites renowned scholars from Cambridge University, University of Berkley, and other Chinese academic institutes, to give lectures on linguistics, British and American literature, and cross-cultural studies annually, bringing the academic cutting edge to the department. Through these exchanges, our students have also received positive comments from those scholars.
Works by well-known British and American authors from Chaucer to Dickens to Carol Churchill, and from Melville to T. S. Eliot to Kingston will be introduced to our English majors, and courses offered covering fields from medieval to renaissance culture, from romanticism to modernism, from literary theory (literary criticism), cultural globalization, mass media, translation studies, business communication, art of films, to linguistics (lexicology, semantics, rhetoric). Co-developments of both orientations of this program, namely, applied linguistics and English language, literature, and literature, bring the best out of each other.
Program planning in our department gives students freedom to choose courses and orientation suited to their own intellectual interests. Such a flexible curricular plan allows students to engage in new subjects, at the same time, requires students to define and deepen their individual interests in a meaningful sequence of related courses. For that reason, our program encourages each undergraduate to work closely with a faculty advisor. Moreover, together with the other departments in Shantou University, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature fully support our students to change their majors in their interests.
Committed to the symbiotic relationship between teaching, research and the larger concerns of society, Department of English Language and Literature has been improving itself in course design and program planning, so as to cater to the construction and development of English as a discipline, as well as internationalization of the university. In the same vein, a brand new area of study--Asian American Literature/ Cultural Studies—is to be added to our curriculum.
On the basis of intra-curricular accomplishment, students in the Department are encouraged to select courses offered by other departments to enlarge their horizon and prepare them for future success. With an proud pass rate of TEM 8 way above the national average, most of our graduates find satisfying jobs of their interests; while quite a few graduates choose to pursue graduate studies, the results of which turns out to be exciting as well.
Postgraduate Program
English Language and Literature (Code: 050201)
This discipline started its joint MA program in 1995 with a current academic team of 8 professors and 20 associate professors, among whom there are 6 doctoral-degree holders and 20 master-degree holders. Publications of this team amount to 8 academic works, 15 textbooks and more than 50 theses. Such a serious, experienced, and devoted academic staff guarantees the theoreticalness, practicality, and updatedness in its program design. A rich library and advanced multi-media technologies further ensure the cultivation of high-level English professionals, who are sound in theoretical and professional knowledge, well-informed in disciplinary development, independent in academic research, competent for teaching English in universities and colleges and various trans-national activities and management, dignified in cultural awareness, and insightful in vision---talents that meet the economic construction and social development of China.