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                Center for Grobal Studies
Felicia Giron (PhD in Anthropology, Cornell University)
Karsten Krueger (PhD. in Film Studies, University of Hildesheim)
Wyman Kwok (PhD in Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong)
Wuming Zhao (MA in American Studies, Doshisha University)
The Past Regional Studies Program
The new Center for International Studies has modest origins. It began as the Regional Studies program in January 2007 as part of the effort to liberalize Shantou’s curriculum in the direction of the western concept of general education. Thus Regional Studies began as an interdisciplinary program focusing on three geopolitical regions important to China: USA, EU and Asia Pacific. 
     But it soon became clear that our program would have to expand to include basic areas associated with western ideas of liberal arts and general education, including anthropology, history, philosophy, social science film studies and comparative culture.  Our goal should be to augment traditional vocational training by expanding the world view of Shantou students. 
     Between 2007 and 2009, the faculty grew to five and course offerings to 30 per year. But in Fall 2009 it was decided to transform the Program into a full-fledged center of international studies.   
The Present: Center for Grobal Studies (CGS)
Goal: With the creation of a stable multinational, multidisciplinary faculty and the expansion of its liberal arts curriculum, the new CIS will contribute to the internationalization of Shantou education.
     We will teach and research regional studies and liberal arts, including anthropology, history, philosophy, social science and cultural history and regional studies.
     We will offer elective courses in English and Chinese to all undergraduates and cooperate with various departments in creating a core general education curriculum that will augment their training.
     We will promote a more comprehensive English-language academic curriculum in the spirit of creating a more international university.
     Finally, will expand the range of activities in the College of Liberal Arts beyond the current focus on Chinese and English language and literature. We plan to become the hub of international and interdisciplinary studies.
Faculty: CIS faculty is multinational, multidisciplinary and multilingual. It is composed exclusively of colleagues who have studied at major universities in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA.
Research and Teaching: All faculty members are involved in research on an international level. At the same time, we are dedicated to improving undergraduate education along international lines. We have initiated programs to enrich the vocational education offered by our professional schools. Among these innovations are:
1) prioritize small dialogic seminars over large monologic lecture courses
2) pioneer in interdisciplinary courses in the liberal arts.
3) introduce independent study research projects in liberal arts for credit
4) initiate Great Books courses to enrich the diet of internet material
5) create an English Language Interdisciplinary Library in the Liberal Arts
CGS Library: The CIS Library covers all fields of liberal arts. It comprises approximately 2000 volumes in English covering a variety of fields, including history, literature, philosophy, political science, American Studies, film and cultural history. The CIS Library is located in       and established as a reading room open to all students and faculty. It is open 7 days a week.
International Relations: The Center has an interest in developing
academic ties with overseas institutions. We have begun these initiatives:
1) collaborate with the Fulbright Program (Beijing) and the Hong Kong
American Center (CUHK) to host Postgraduate Seminars in American Studies.
2. create student exchange programs in general education with leading universities in Europe and the USA. The first exchange program with Roskilde University (RUC) Denmark will begin in Fall 2010.
3) bring outstanding international visitors to the campus for short stays ranging from one week to one semester.
4) initiate an annual International Lecturers Series to begin in 2010.
5) aid students who wish to change their vocational focus and prepare for another career by studying abroad.