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  Center for Women Studies
For more information, please visit the CWS website:
The Center for Women’s Studies(CWS)aims to strengthen available resources for teaching and research within the university and to bridge prominent scholars and academic institutions within the country and abroad by offering highly specialized and general liberal arts courses for students to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and practical with the larger community beyond campus, we hope to be able to provide a platform for generating and sharing ideas and scholarship, participating empowering women’s philanthropic program in the pursuit of gender justice and social development. The center now is member of Chinese Women’s Research Society, the women / gender research and training base, and member of Association for social work education ,cum-member of Women's Professional social work Committee, Convenor of Project Define training Expert Group .
To advance the field of women’s studies by making it a symbol of the development of Shantou University in particular and of Chinese higher education in general.

To build a team of teachers and students with strong capabilities and global outlooks to engage in women’s studies at Shantou University, focusing on the innovative learning and service capabilities of students.

To contribute women’s philanthropic programs for pursuit of gender justice and social development.
CWS Public Lecture Series
To promote an intergenerational community of distinguished women with successful experiences and to enhance the transfer of inspirational knowledge and further both theoretical and practical training so as promote women’s studies at STU, to reform education, and to cultivate our students’ intellectual abilities.
General Courses on Women’s Studies at STU
To establish innovative general courses to provide our students with knowledge of both leading concepts and practical experience, to enhance their global outlooks by bringing well-know domestic experts and leaders from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to collaborate with professors at STU, and to promote the latest scholarship on women studies and social gender development.
STU Philanthropic Course on Women’s Studies
To develop philanthropic courses for credit on philanthropy as a strategy to develop a unique model for the cultivation of creativity by means of offering services and training for Chao-Shan women’s groups to give back to the society. In addition, teachers and students from all fields will learn from one another during the creative process of service and research on participatory action.
Interdisciplinary Research Project on Women
1.      To carry out specific interdisciplinary research.
2.      To establish contacts with influential associations and experts at home and abroad.
3.      To conduct research projects on women at STU that will serve as a new platform for cooperative exchanges and innovative knowledge for scholars in similar fields of research.
Supports Student Practice and Internships
To assist and guide students to promote gender equality and gender issues in research activities, to provide opportunities and financial support for students in interscholastic gender academic exchanges, to create more student internship positions to improve their capabilities by integrating knowledge and practice, and to advance their theoretical thinking and analysis capabilities under the instructive guidance of supervisors.
Women’s Philanthropy Projects
To participate in women’s philanthropy projects so as to make a contribution to the society by stimulating the development of communities through various types of education, training, research on participatory action, and so forth. To help raise the level of management of philanthropy projects so as to build creative models with rich experience to advance international women’s philanthropy.
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