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The Institute of Chinese Language and Culture at Shantou University, founded in 1986, with the approval of the Office of Chinese   Language  Council International, is a Chinese language training center for foreigners and also a center in China to train Chinese  language teachers for Southeast Asian learners. All the teachers here are qualified,and a majority of them with many years’ experience of teaching Chinese as a second language have once worked in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and many other places as Chinese language teachers. As one of the earliest  Chinese language and culture teaching centers in south China, the institute has cultivated about one thousand international students from such countries as Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia and Chili for the past two decades.
The institute offers specially designed intensive training programs in Chinese language and culture for international students. The programs of different levels are provided: Foundation Level (for beginners), Intermediate Level and Advanced Level. Students will be put into different levels according to their language competency. Short term training is designed according to the students’ specific situations. New semester begins every February and September of each calendar year. Small classes are arranged, each with only 5 to 10 students. They will take comprehensive courses for language skills, including listening, conversation, reading, writing and some Chinese cultural courses. The inspiring and harmonious teaching provides students with more opportunities to learn. Meanwhile, the teaching facilities including language lab and multimedia lab may give the students effective learning environment. Most importantly, the institute also organizes some free local traveling for students to experience the unique Chaoshan culture.
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