CGS Teaches a wide variety of Chinese, English, and bilingual Global Studies courses using Social Sciences and Humanities approaches, including: history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, cultural studies, regional studies, and comparative studies into areas such as global business, media globalization, identity, historical periods and events, the world of ideas, the environment, production of urban and rural spaces. 

[CIS6056A]  An Introduction to Globalization (全球化概览)

[CIS6043D]  Media Worlds and Globalization (媒体世界和全球化)

[CIS6068A]  全球正义:贫穷、道义与世界秩序

[CIS6023A]  The Contemporary World

[CIS6070A]  Anthropology of Globalization (全球化人类学)

[CIS6001A]  Understanding “East and West”: Comparative Practices and Cultural Perspectives

[CIS6012A]  Anthropology of Media  (媒体文化人类学)

[CIS6019A]  Gender and Love as Socio-Cultural Narratives

[CIS6024A]  Introduction to Formal Logic: Propositional Logic (形式逻辑)

[CIS6025A]  Applied Ethics (应用伦理学)

[CIS6035A]  Survey of World Religions  (世界宗教巡礼)

[CIS6036A]  Making Money in America  (美国致富之路)

[CIS6037A]  Race and Ethnicity in America  (美国的种族与族裔)

[CIS6047A]  A World of Heroes  (英雄世界)

[CIS6048A]  American Humor: Comedy in US Culture   (美国幽默:美国文化里的喜剧)

[CIS6056A]  An Introduction to Globalization  (全球化概览)

[CIS6056A]  心理学研究方法及其应用 (Method and Application of Psychology and Social Science)

[CIS6062A]  政治哲学 (Political Philosophy)

[CIS6063A]  当代中国社会思潮 (Social Thoughts in Contemporary China)

[CIS6064A]  The Fantasy and Science Fiction Film (梦幻和科幻电影)

[CIS6055A]  Early Encounters in US-China Relations  (早期中美关系的历史与文化)

[CIS6023A]  The Contemporary World

[CIS6027A]  Leadership in America (美国由谁领导?)

[CIS6040A]  American Orientalism: Representation of Asia in US Culture and Foreign Policy  (美国东方主义:美国文化和外交政策对亚洲的表现)

[CIS6058A]  Visual Culture in the Digital Age Convergence, Remediation and Transmedia Platforms  (数码时代的视觉文化— 融合,矫正与跨传媒平台)

[CIS6059A]  Global Ecocinema--Reflections on Human Ecology and the Environmental Crisis (世界生态电影—反思人类生态学和环境危机)

[CIS6060A]  Asian Philosophy  (亚洲哲学)

[CIS6809A]  Cinderella in America, Japan, and China: Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies (比较文化学入门:灰姑娘在美国、日本和中国)

[CIS2049C]  Research Methods in the Social Sciences - Doing Ethnographies  (社会科学研究方法-实地/田野调查)

[CIS6006B]  Chinese Documentary Film and Chinese Society  (中国纪录片与中国社会)

[CIS6039B]  The Concept of Freedom (自由理念的哲学思考)

[CIS6043D]  Media Worlds and Globalization  (媒体世界和全球化)

[CIS6046A]  Postmodernism in US Life and Culture  (美国生活和文化的后现代主义)

[CIS6073A]  伦理与政治:中国与西方的视野 (Ethics and Politics: Chinese and Western Perspectives)

[CIS6931A]  Practicum in Applied Digital Literacies

[CIS6932A]  China's Environment and the World/ Sustainable Development in Shantou

[CIS6072A]  Introduction to Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies (数字人文概论)

[CIS2014]  Food and Culture: Beyond Chopsticks and Forks

[CIS6041A]  Asian American Culture and History (亚裔美国人的历史与文化)

[CIS6052A]  World Leadership  (世界领导者)

[CIS6067A]  The Beat Generation and US Culture during the Cold War (垮掉的一代与冷战时期的美国文化)

[CIS6068A]  全球正义:贫穷、道义与世界秩序 (Global Justice: Poverty, Morality and Global Order)

[CIS6069A]  心理学问题十六讲

[CIS6070A]  Anthropology of Globalization  (全球化人类学)

[CIS6071A]  From the Zoetrope to CGI: History and Theory of Animation Film (动画片的历史与理论)

[CLA1203B]  World War II (第二次世界大战)

[CIS6057A]  The City in the 21st Century - Urbananization and the Environment   (全球化、城市化与环境---21世纪的城市)

[CLA1300A]  The American Dream and the Chinese Dream  (美国梦与中国梦) (双语)

[CIS6066A]  Between the Familiar and the Unfamiliar: History Writing and Globalization

[CIS6086A]  The Meaning of Compassion  (何为同情)

[CIS6016A]  A Digital Humanities Approach to Pirates in Global History and Culture    (从数字人文角度看全球历史与文化中的海盗)


[CLA2200A]      Western Perspectives on Modern Chinese History